After a fire in 2018, the shared processing workshop of the SICA des produits fermiers de Vaour had to close its doors. Its renovation has made it possible to modernise the facility and improve the energy performance of the equipment and building. The reopening of the facility will encourage cooperation between the many local players involved in food processing and help to maintain their activities in the area.

Presentation of the project

This project meets the needs of the region in a number of ways:

– it supports economic players in a disadvantaged area, and more specifically activities geared towards the local market: local businesses and local outlets in short circuits (direct sales, local shops, community catering)

– It supports the agricultural and agri-food sector, which is important to the region. It also facilitates the transfer and takeover of existing businesses

– it supports a collective project and promotes closer links, complementarity and partnerships between players

– it offers a high-performance value-adding tool for producers and the possibility of making preserves, enabling surplus production to be put to good use The support provided by the LEADER programme has enabled 47% of this project to be financed, thereby enabling a high-quality work tool to be maintained in the area. This tool is necessary for the production of the 7 structures currently involved in the project. New partners are expected to join soon.

The emblematic character of the project

This project addresses a number of issues facing the region:

– Employment: it supports the production of numerous agricultural businesses and helps to maintain jobs in the area.

– The short circuit issue: it enables local agricultural production to be developed with local outlets

– The issue of project governance: with a cooperative system that benefits several structures and creates synergies.

– The issue of energy efficiency, with investments being made in this area. It is interesting to see how a project, in this case the renovation of a production building, can take a global approach and seek a virtuous solution at different levels: employment, food, governance and the environment.

This project could be transferred to other regions to share experiences:

– on the mode of governance

 – to promote a concrete solution for local producers.


SICA des produits fermiers de Vaour

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