Leader France : a federation serving rural areas committed to the LEADER approach

Today, it is impossible to talk about rural development in France without talking about rurality in European policies, its place and its challenges. Since the creation of the Common Agricultural Policy, the contribution of European funds has enabled our rural communities to develop and organize themselves. The European LEADER rural development program is the perfect example.

For 30 years, this program has made it possible to organize around local development strategies co-constructed by local actors. Today, it is the symbol of our organized, dynamic and development oriented rural communities.

Our federation aims to represent to the European, national and regional authorities the French rural territories involved in European rural development program LEADER, and to bring together all the actors of rurality who wish to engage in European programs.

Our federation defends the idea that our ruralities are an opportunity and can be a response in the evolution of our current society. Rural territories play a major role in the European energy, ecological and economic transition. This is why rural areas are the Europe of territories and their future depends on Europe and access to the opportunities offered by Community policies.

The LEADER program and the Local Action Groups are today the mirrors of this dynamism and possibilities offered by European programs for private and public actors in our territories. Our ambition is to be the voice of these actors, in particular to simplify access to funds and defend the place of rural development in European policies.