Futuroscope is an amusement park in Poitiers, France, which opened in 1987. It was created by René Monory, then President of the Vienne Departmental Council, with the aim of promoting cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

The Futuroscope concept is based on a unique approach combining entertainment and scientific discovery. The park offers attractions based on the latest technological advances, such as 3D films, immersive simulations, sensory experiences and interactive shows.

Over the years, Futuroscope has succeeded in renewing itself by regularly offering new attractions and adapting to technological developments. It has become a must-see for families, technology enthusiasts and the curious in search of new discoveries.

Today, Futuroscope is one of the most visited theme parks in France, representing a real political tool for regional development by attracting millions of visitors every year. It continues to innovate and offer unique experiences, making it a place of entertainment and learning for all the family.

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