The Pavillon des Radiophoniques is a nomadic, innovative structure; a listening room offering a literary and musical experience that resonates with the area it covers. Up to 10 users share a simultaneous listening session of a chosen title, headphones on, lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, with the environment – indoors or outdoors – providing the backdrop. Designed by internationally renowned French designer Matali Crasset, the Pavillon des Radiophoniques is conceived as an open, welcoming, surprising, memorable and inclusive space. It’s a poetic space to share, a place for mediation, discussion and exchange, a link to the book. The Radiophoniques – extracts from novels, short stories and poetry, with original music and soundscapes – to be heard in the Pavillon are recorded by the Compagnie Maâloum’s artistic team, accompanied by the talents of other guest artists, actors and musicians from the region.

Presentation of the project

CIE MAÂLOUM: A REGIONAL COMPANY In 2017, after 10 years in business, Cie Maâloum was given a new lease of life, with a new artistic direction led by a close-knit, ambitious group of artists with a clear aim: to share literature and music in the region that surrounds it, i.e. the Vaucluse – and more specifically the Ventoux-Comtat Venaissin, Avignon and Sorgues du Comtat areas. Maâloum is a collective of five artists: Jérémy Cardaccia, musician, and four actorsMaxime Le Gall, Julie Minck, Aude Marchand and Rémi Pradier. Together, they select novels or short stories and create readings aloud accompanied by original musical creations: the Lectures musicales. They have realised that, while digital culture is potentially accessible to everyone with just a few clicks, this accessibility is relative: there is a cultural digital divide. Only the initiated have access to it. Drowning under the mass of virtual cultural and artistic offerings, many of us no longer know what to chooseToo many choices, no editorial line and no well thought-out projects. Following this lonely listening experience, the idea of a place for collective listening was born, a mobile place for broadcasting and meetings, an innovative place for mediation and sharing, a unique place that invites new digital cultural practices: the idea of the Pavillon des Radiophoniques was born. OVERALL OBJECTIVE: – To create a shared experience that brings together literature, a sound creation, a region, a designed structure and users of all profiles. The Pavillon des Radiophoniquessillonnera 6 places of the territory of the GAL Ventoux, it will be in free access for the public: 6 x 1 week. Through meetings with its technical team and the members of the programming committee, the Ventoux LAG has helped to create a wider network for this project. It is above all the LEADER funding that will enable this project to become a reality: the creation of new radio stations and the creation of the Pavilion. The support provided by the technical team greatly simplifies the grant application process.

The emblematic character of the project

Access to culture for all, in all its diversity and creativity in our rural areas, is a key part of the Gal Ventoux’s strategy. This project offers a new way of looking at literature: in new places, outside the walls and by listening to it. The fact that it is open to everyone makes it an innovative project. It offers a new approach to reading. The scheme is transferable to all areas, and artistic creation is adaptable to all subjects. Literature offers an infinite range of themes.


As the project is still in progress and the sketches are not yet copyright-free, I can’t send you any visuals at this stage.

Compagnie Maaloum


Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’Azur (Région SUD)