Creation of an establishment using bio-sourced materials and bearing the “Café de Pays” label, comprising a café with a licence IV and a small snack bar, offering local services and events to meet the needs of local residents and visiting tourists.

Presentation of the project

Creation of a multi-service venue with a café, restaurant, parcel relay point, press, grocery shop, local crafts, exhibition and cultural events in partnership with associations and the intercommunal community.

It will be awarded the “1000 Cafés” label, an operation that provides guidance and support for the future manager, as well as specifications for the management of the café.

The café will be located close to the town hall, in the heart of the village for easy access. It was designed by the municipal team well in advance of its construction, and a survey of local residents helped to clearly define their needs (frequency of use, type of need, etc. 79% of respondents wanted a café/grocery/multiservice outlet). Village associations and shopkeepers were also involved, with the aim of ensuring that the village of 750 inhabitants enjoys a good quality of life together, between conviviality and service.

The project will result in a building that complies with standards and is built using tried-and-tested, durable materials. The project management team has taken operating costs into account from the outset of the project, in order to deliver a building that is energy-efficient, easy to maintain and has obvious architectural qualities in terms of design (rationality of spaces and operation) and integration into the chosen site, taking account of its specific features. The Commune is committed to sustainable development, which involves optimising the technical solutions chosen to minimise the building’s impact on the environment, particularly in terms of energy savings, greenhouse gas emissions and user health: eco-construction, eco-design and comfort.

The project involves the construction of a positive energy building.

The project includes the creation of a café, which will offer a multi-service area: grocery store, local produce, parcel relay, small services, a common room and catering, which will also enable associations to offer their activities and continue the village’s socio-cultural dynamic.

LEADER has made it possible to carry out this project, not only by providing funding but also by putting us in touch with co-funders.

The emblematic character of the project

This site meets the LEADER priorities in our strategy, with its diversified activities, which will enable the different generations, locals and tourists… to mix and get to know each other and thus live together better.

It will also facilitate the integration of new arrivals.The services on offer will be useful to everyone and will encourage users to move to this place where they can exchange ideas and find a social and cultural link.

What’s more, the choice of an eco-construction building using bio-sourced materials makes this project exemplary in terms of our LEADER strategy.

Social cohesion is one of the key LEADER priorities for our region, as is respect for the environment and the development of new buildings.This project can easily be transferred to other LAGs, as eco-construction is becoming more widespread and the creation of a multi-service centre with the help of a label such as “1000 cafés” can quite easily be set up elsewhere.


Commune de Garrigues Sainte Eulalie