Vi Landbyggare is a method and marketing approach for local development, illustrating how to create attractiveness for a place to stimulate migration, entrepreneurship, and attract capital.

Leader Höga Kusten initiated the work and has a registered trademark since 2017. Today, Vi Landsbyggare encompasses 20% of Sweden’s municipalities, with a quarter of (11) all our Leader areas involved in the project/method, and 6% of Finland’s municipalities through Landsbyggare Österbotten.

The other Swedish LAGs are: LLU Halland, Leader Sjuhärad, Leader 3sam (Strömsund och Ragunda), Leader Nordvästra Skaraborg, Leader Östra Skaraborg, Leader Gute (Gotland), Leader Gästrikebygd, Falu kommun, Utveckling Hälsingebygd, and in Leader Kustlandet they are using the method but has named the project another name than Landsbyggare.

Vi Landsbyggare was also recognized as one of Sweden’s best place marketing initiatives by Placebrander in 2019.

Vi Landsbyggare has been represented at major conferences and meetings in Europe and Brussels and has been cited as a good example within the EU-Cap and ELARD networks.


Mood film – English: https://vimeo.com/882828620

Information about the concept in English: https://www.landsbyggarekoncept.se/en/

Presentation of the project

Vi Landsbyggare contribute towards a positive, up-to-date, and genuine image of the countryside. Vi Landsbyggare are those who move to a place bringing with them drive, competence and capital. Vi Landsbyggare are also entrepreneurs already in place, with their courage, tenacity, and energy. Vi Landsbyggare do not problematize the rural issues, refrain from debating and object to ‘us’ and ‘them’. Vi Landsbyggare promote the attractive image of people living in a digital community and choose to live in a place of their liking. With this in mind we have created the Vi Landsbyggare brand based on a few key elements that are important to understand.

Centrally in the campaign are Landsbyggarna, the driven entrepreneurs and associations that build the land; build their own lives in the place where they want to live and thrive; to identify the opportunities and carry through. They who are motivated by drive and passion while sharing these with others – that’s what describes a Landsbyggare!

Vi Landsbyggare and the campaign are based on the platform www.landsbyggare.se which is aimed to inspire others, step by step, to dare take the plunge. We drive the traffic to the website via the Instagram and Facebook account Landsbyggare and via our own Facebook account using the material produced. We are also running an opinion site where we and others may spread the positive images of life in rural areas.

Photos and films have been produced, portraying the Landsbyggare including tips on how to get started and one film showing how we can help realize ideas. The Landsbyggare community is represented in each regional campaign by several businesses, distributed across business sector and geographical spread, which have contributed to the regional development in their own ways.

With this campaign we want to inspire others by showing the Landsbyggare who have already taken the step. To inspire others to realize their ideas, move to the countryside to run the business or develop the ideas.

The results of the method are that it is widely spread, reaching a large audience, and generating numerous interactions through all areas’ campaigns. This contributes to increased pride in one’s local community, networks for development, the creation of motivation, and attractiveness to Sweden’s rural areas, as well as to each unique area. It establishes networks that foster pride, business/development, and contribute to better ambassadorship among rural developers. Furthermore, the method and concept have led to migration and an increased number of entrepreneurs who have dared to take the step of running their businesses in our rural areas. Vi Landsbyggare have transformed the image of our rural areas from a perception of beautiful nature, cutbacks, and decline to a thriving, lively rural environment with drive and a willingness to invest!

Emblematic character of the project

Why is this project a priority for LEADER in your strategy? This project is a priority for LEADER in our strategy because it embodies an innovative and emblematic approach to rural development. The Rural Developer method and marketing strategy have proven to be highly effective in creating attractiveness for local areas, leading to increased migration, entrepreneurship, and capital attraction. The widespread success of the project, reaching 20% of Sweden’s municipalities and 6% of Finland’s municipalities, demonstrates its strategic importance in fostering pride, networks for development, and overall enhancement of rural areas.

How did the project address a major challenge in your strategy (e.g. demographic change, environmental issues, social issues)? The project has effectively addressed major challenges in our strategy, such as demographic change, by contributing to increased migration to rural areas. It has also tackled environmental and social issues by creating networks for development and fostering pride within local communities. The method has transformed the perception of rural areas, shifting from a focus on nature and decline to a thriving and lively rural environment with economic drive. By promoting entrepreneurship, the project has positively impacted social and economic aspects, addressing key challenges in our strategy.

How could the project be transferred to other LAGs? The project’s success and impact make it transferable to other Local Action Groups (LAGs). The method and marketing approach, proven to be highly effective in various contexts, can be shared with and implemented by other LAGs. The key lies in disseminating the knowledge, strategies, and experiences gained from Rural Developer to enable other regions to adapt and apply similar approaches tailored to their specific needs and challenges. Collaboration and knowledge exchange among LAGs can facilitate the transfer of the project, ensuring its success in diverse rural contexts.


Owner of the start-up project and the brand is Leader Höga Kusten. The project and the brand are now active in 11 Leader areas in Sweden, covering 20% of Sweden’s municipalities, and in one Leader area in Finland, which corresponds to 8% of Finland’s municipalities.”

Leader Höga Kusten

Sweden – 11 LAGs, Finland – 1 LAG