The action consists of setting up a new line of business dedicated to the production, packaging 

and marketing of organic fertilisers and fertilisers with organic certification for agriculture. 

Presentation of the project 


The company is located in the industrial estate of Archidona (Málaga), Spain. 

Background and developments 

PERCOFAN has more than 30 years of experience in the hunting sector, in which it has become a 

reference in the South of Spain, with more than 20 employees. However, this sector is 

experiencing a decrease in its turnover. 

To face this situation and ensure a more solid business future, PERCOFAN has launched a new line 

of business, dedicated to the marketing of organic fertilisers and organic fertilisers with ecological 


Description of the project and objectives achieved 

Activity of elaboration and distribution of fertilisers with certificate for an ecological, sustainable 

agriculture, avoiding the incorporation of harmful chemicals to the soil, contributing to the 

improvement of the environment in general. 

The subsidised investment consisted of machinery and facilities for the production and packaging 

of the products. 


  • Diversification of the activity of a rural enterprise with a new activity. 
  • To increase the economic competitiveness of the company. 
  • Contribute to the maintenance and creation of employment. 
  • Environmental contribution 

After more than 2 years of activity, the evolution of the project is remarkable in terms of market 

acceptance and sales volume. The activity continues to grow and expand. 

Specifically, the project seeks to diversify the activity of more than 30 years carried out by the beneficiary company, expanding its activity and contributing to the maintenance and creation of employment in the rural area. 

The project activity contributes to the strategy of the RDG by its environmental character: it promotes sustainable agriculture. 

Generally speaking, because of its demonstrative effect on the territory.