How about playing sports? The Original Mobile Games – An innovative physical activity project to combat physical inactivity and inequalities in access to sports equipment in rural areas

Presentation of the projet

· the location Perimeter of the Pays de Langres

· the contextual elements (need for action / problem) For several years, reports concerning the increasing sedentary behavior of all alert to the consequences that this can lead to: it must be known that sedentary behavior today kills more than tobacco and causes overweight and type 2 diabetes in children, not to mention cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders.. . With this in mind, we want to set up sports projects as close as possible to the inhabitants. We therefore feel it is essential to propose a traveling device that will be easier to reach all the inhabitants of the land of Langres. This is not normal sports practice! Based on François Carré’s reports, we are convinced that the fun approach and pleasure are the main ways to enable everyone, regardless of their level and health, to develop an appetite, to become familiar with a sporting practice and thus to gradually emerge from sedentary behavior.

· the objectives By proposing a mobile device (1 professional – 1 vehicle – 1 educational center) that adapts to the demand of the partners and/or the public, we want a service that addresses everyone, regardless of their age, their level of practice and their place of residence. We want to train the Teaching Teams of Collective Reception of Minors, Sports Educators, Teenagers or Young Adults of the Local Mission, EPIDE and 1st Degree Teachers, in the concept of original games and will set up partnerships to achieve this goal.

· actual or expected accomplishments (the project is in progress) The components of the project are: a. A professional (already hired) whose animation time would be estimated at 1 FTE on the animation and development of the project b. A vehicle to transport the equipment. This vehicle will be used several times a week and on the Weekend (request in the LEADER file) c. a resource center composed of: – Training for educational teams and volunteer associations. This time dedicated to this training is estimated to be approximately 70 hours before June 30, 2024. We have already invested more than 4000€ of equipment. We will need to complete this equipment park and to organize a permanent and functional storage space (request in the LEADER file) – Online tools to accompany educators/teachers/facilitators to original traveling game practices The target audience will therefore be: – children in the school or after-school setting – independent seniors or residents in EHPAD

· the role of LEADER in the project (funding, support, networking, etc.) Leader is mainly a funder of this project, which already exists on an experimental basis, with the aim of enabling this project to scale up and expand in the area.

The emblematic character of the project

In Action Sheet 4 of the LEADER strategy, entitled ‘Promoting better living together and combating the isolation of people’, one of the priorities focuses on making cultural and sporting activities as widely accessible as possible in a spirit of diversity. It is indeed a question of responding to a public health issue, a legacy to be built in the wake of the Olympic Games, actions to make the population move. · How could the project be transferred to other LAGs? The Regional Sport Conference (RCdS) has incorporated our thoughts and guidelines on the concept of original games into its regional plan ( page 28) We would like this change of scale to enable other territories to take ownership of these physical activities to combat sedentary lifestyles and inequalities in access to sports facilities in rural areas


Comité Départemental Sportif des Foyers Ruraux de Haute Marne

GAL du Pays de Langres

Région Grand Est