Tired of waiting long seconds for hot water when you turn on the tap? HWQ Concept has come up with an innovative solution to this daily problem!

No more wasting energy waiting desperately for hot water to arrive, no more wasting energy with HWQ Concept, which has launched a project to research and develop the “HotWaterQuickly” device to solve this problem.

Presentation of the project

The project is located in the commune of La Bresse, in the Pays de Remiremont et de ses Vallées region.

The project is a response to a specific problem: when we turn on a tap to get hot water, we generally wait a long time before being served. This discomfort is also at the root of a major waste of drinking water and energy, which has a direct impact on our environment and our purchasing power.

Current distribution methods have major drawbacks, especially when it comes to distribution in collective buildings, where the hot water production system is shared by all, and therefore a long way from the tapping points.

Based on a process patented by Mr PERRIN David, the project involves researching and developing a device known as “HotWaterQuickly or HWQ”, which will provide an effective solution to all these problems.

The aim is to integrate the system and put it into service in a block of around 25 flats, for full-scale testing and fine-tuning. The system consists of a powerful motorised pump, a programmed controller, a variable speed drive, flexible pipes, small high-pressure sections and specific pressure regulators.

This essential stage will enable the correct operation and reliability of the product to be validated and the standardisation, industrialisation and marketing phases to be set in motion.

The LEADER programme supported the project with funding of €29,131.29. The LEADER grant was used to finance the purchase of equipment, the printing of 3D prototypes, patenting, Hydréos validation, the installation of the automated system and remuneration.

The emblematic character of the project

This project is part of the LEADER strategy of the Pays de Remiremont et de ses Vallées LAG under action sheet 2: “Reducing our ecological footprint in the Pays”. More specifically, this project corresponds to the type of operation “Support for renewable energy and energy saving projects where the technical quality is not available in the area”.

This project responds to a real challenge in our LEADER strategy: reducing the ecological footprint and supporting projects, particularly in the field of energy saving. The environment is a key focus of our LEADER strategy.  The HWQ Concept project is an innovative solution that will save more money than existing processes.

The project as such could not be transferred to other LAGs. However, the method of assisting project leaders in their search for funding, as well as the sharing of experience and support for entrepreneurship and innovation, are relevant topics that could be transferred to other LAGs.



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