This project promotes rural, sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. 

It consists of the installation of 3 cottages, two for rural tourism apartments and another for reception and common services. They are located in a small village in a rural area, in a mountains and meadows environment, and natural materials (mainly native wood). Ecological materials were used for their construction, therefore promoting minimal environmental damage. 

It also has renewable energy means for its operation, both its own by capturing sunlight, and that of the network supplier, which guarantee the supply of 100% renewable energy.  

It also has an “A” energy rating in global CO2 emissions.  

Presentation of the project 

These cottages, whose commercial name is “Cabañas Huma”, are located in Las Cruces, a small village of 16 inhabitants in the municipality of Vegadeo, which belongs to the Río Eo, Oscos and Terras de Burón Biosphere Reserve, ideal territory for hiking and for activities in nature.  

They are perfectly integrated into the environment thanks to the use of ecological and sustainable construction materials, such as the external and internal finish in native wood (local pine). They also have low consumption equipment with the use of aerothermal energy, in addition to having photovoltaic panels so that external energy demand is minimal, which is also from 100% renewable sources.  

The “Cabañas Huma” are located on an extensive property of about 4,500 square meters and are 2 cottages for 2 rural tourism accommodations and one more cottage that serves as reception and common services. Each cottage has the capacity to accommodate two adults and one child in a total area of 40 square meters and an outdoor terrace of 12 and 24 m2 respectively. They are equipped with bathroom with a shower and hydro massage jets, ecological amenities, one 150 cm bed, kitchen, living area with a sofa convertible in bed, air conditioning, heating, aero thermal heating for DHW, TV and Wi-Fi. It has a 5930 W photovoltaic installation with which it seeks to minimize external demand, also having an electric charger for vehicles of clients who might require it.  

In order to fully integrate into the environment, it has a garden in which on the one hand there are completely organic and seasonal garden products (onions, lettuce, peppers…) and, on the other hand, there are aromatic plants such as parsley, mint, thyme, lavender, oregano, lemon balm…, all for the guest’s enjoyment, even if it is symbolic.  

Outside there is a terrace with garden furniture and beautiful views. And all this in a simple design and a Nordic-inspired interior design. Outside, during the usable season, it also has a Spa area with an outdoor jacuzzi perfectly integrated into the environment.  

As a proof of its energy sustainability, the result of energy consumption is published on it´s website, showing of a lower energy consumption compared with the energy produced during the first 11 days of the month.  

This project is innovative because of its respect for the environment:  

  • Perfect integration into the environment by using native materials (local pine) in most of its construction.  
  • Sustainability, by being self-sufficient with renewable energies.  
  • Low CO2 emission, which gives it the highest energy rating in terms of efficiency.  

In the rest of the region´s territory covered by this Local Action Group (GAL) there is no other accommodation of these characteristics, and taking into account the rise of ecological and sustainable tourism, it is likely that it will serve as a reference for other projects, both scope of action of this GAL as well as others, since this project appears in several nationwide tourism publications.