The Mostviertler Feldversuche (Field Trials) is a collaboration between Mostviertel Tourismus GmbH and the « best » chefs, producers, and winemakers of the Mostviertel region. Together they present the regional products of the Mostviertel in an experimental and innovative way at culinary events in extraordinary and unusual locations such as a pear orchard or a castle. Every year, five to seven events are organized, marketed, and bookable through Mostviertel Tourismus. 

During these culinary experiences, guests encounter both the new and the familiar. They work closely with the chefs and producers and participate actively, including picking, chopping, tasting, and smelling the ingredients. The maximum number of participants is limited to 50. 

Additionally, there are collaborations with innovative manufacturers and producers. Only primary products from the Mostviertel region are used, including meat, game, fish, vegetables, cheese, and more.  

Presentation of the project

As part of the implementation of the regional tourism strategy for the Mostviertel, consideration was given to which culinary format could be used to break new ground. To this end, a two-day retreat was held in April 2019 with the best culinary minds from the Mostviertel region and support from Austria and abroad. Together with culinary lateral thinkers and like-minded people such as Paul Ivic (Restaurant Tian), Andree Köthe (Essigbrätlein Nürnberg), winemaker Michael Gindl, sensory analyst Christine Brugger (Organic Distillery, Lake Constance) and restaurateur Josef Walch (Rote Wand, Zug am Arlberg), we discussed the flavours of the Mostviertel region and experimented for the first time. We were accompanied by Barbara Klein (concept and texts) and Jürgen Schmücking (photographer, author, gourmet critic). We realised that the Mostviertel cuisine has a strong foundation (tavern culture, cider and wine culture, small regional economic cycles around cider and dirndl, etc.). However, we also sensed that the Mostviertel had not yet exhausted its potential and that there was still room for a new, regional culinary format. This is how the culinary event series Mostviertler Feldversuche came into obeing, where the chefs experiment together with regional producers and give the regional products of the Mostviertel a festive and valuable setting. The regionality of the Mostviertel was thus raised to a new level. 

The participating LAGs supported Mostviertel Tourismus with their experience in all areas in the selection of partners. The project would not have been possible without LEADER and the network. 

Emblematic character of the project

The format has taken the collaboration between chefs and producers to a new and unprecedented level. The companies work very closely together, resulting in new ideas and new products that have made it onto the market (PetNat, etc.). Cereals are experimented with, pear seeds are extracted and new product creations are developed. The format has broadened the menus of the participating companies and new, creative ways of preparing dishes have emerged. 

With a few exceptions, almost all of the events have been sold out and the media presence of the Mostviertel region and the partner businesses has increased enormously, as has the advertising value. 

New opportunities for cooperation have been created for the partner businesses, and the regional producers have generated higher turnover through new sales channels. New products have broadened the producers’ product range and added value has been increased through product refinement. 


Mostviertel Tourismus GmbH 

Cooperation of four LAG´s 
Moststraße, Eisenstraße Niederösterreich, Mostviertel-Mitte, Donau NÖ-Mitte

Mostviertel, Lower-Austria, Austria