On March 22, 2017, HTÜ Tootmine OÜ (from 2018 the company’s new name is Hiiumaa Köök ja Pagar OÜ) opened a bakery in a new building and with new equipment. As a result, it became possible to continue industrial bread production on the island of Hiiumaa, which goes back to 1909. By 2023, the entire company’s sales revenue has doubled. The company is the largest food producer in Hiiumaa and cooperates with other food producers on the island: catering and tourism companies and the municipality. Hiiumaa Köök ja Pagar offers work for bakers, cooks, confectioners all year round – the company employs 50 people. Whenever possible, locally grown raw materials are used in the production: beef from Hiiumaa in pate and stew, berries, pumpkin, apples, rhubarb grown in Hiiumaa in bakery products, cakes and desserts. The continuation of the company’s activities on the island is important both from the point of view of the balanced development of the island, and from the point of view of food safety, which has become a particularly important issue in recent years.

Presentation of the project

The aim of the project was to continue the traditions of food production in Hiiumaa. Hiiumaa Köök and Pagar bakery production used a production building that was built in the 1950s. The production building was unsuitable for food production and the equipment had depreciated. In 2015, the company prepared a business plan as well as a construction and technological project. Grant applications were submitted for the purchase of equipment, LEADER programme measure 1 « Enterprise development » to support the construction works of a new production building and the construction of a heating, ventilation and cooling system that meets the modern energy efficiency requirements. All grant applications were approved.

The new production building was opened on March 22, 2017.

As a result of the project, food production and especially the tradition of bread baking in Hiiumaa could continue. The company’s sales revenue in 2023 is over 3 million euros. Half of the total production is sold in Hiiumaa and the other half in mainland Estonia and Saaremaa. The representative product of Hiiumaa Köök and Pagar is Hiiumaa Leib – rye bread fermented with natural sourdough, based on a recipe from the Hiiumaa farm. In addition, the most well-known products are yeast-free rye bread, farm bread, Tootsi cake, honey cake, Hiiumaa sylt and pate. The company employs 50 people all year round.

Hiiumaa Köök and Pagar runs local food sales days, organizes and participates in fairs, represents Hiiumaa at fairs.

Emblematic character of the project

Continuation of food production and food traditions on the island are one of the main tasks of the LAG.

By the decision of the general meeting, LEADER supported the construction of the production building with 160,000 euros that is more than average LEADER project. This highlights the impact of this building for the people of the island.

Hiiumaa Köök and Pagar baking ovens are equipped with a heat recovery system and there is a solar park on the roof of the production building that contribute to the climate goals. In addition to the production building, all of the company’s product packages have undergone renovation. Hiiumaa Köök ja Pagar representative store is Coop Tormi Konsum, where oven-warm bakery products arrive several times a day to the delight of buyers.

The project enriches the sortiment of food products for local people, provides a large number of jobs, and makes the name of Hiiumaa island more known and loved in all Estonia.


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