The project consists of the installation of an indoor ski center through a platform of about 80 square meters that has a rolling mat and simulates the conditions of a real snow slope. 

Although the installation does not provide the magic of sliding through the mountains of the Campoo valley, it has numerous educational and comfort advantages with respect to the mountains, which make it a perfect tool for learning and perfecting the technique. 

The speed and inclination of the slope are variable and adjust instantly to the skill level of the skiers. The slope adapts perfectly to all profiles, from people who have never skied to highly competitive athletes. wheelchair skiers… 

The facilities have a large mirror installed in front of the piste in which the skiers see themselves reflected, receiving, (along with the instructor’s instructions), instant feedback on the technical gestures they are executing, which helps them identify and better understand errors and better apply instructor corrections. 

Presentation of the project 

The project is located in the Campoo Los Valles region, specifically in the municipality of Campoo de Enmedio and close to the Alto Campoo ski resort. Alto Campoo is a medium-sized winter resort that, mainly due to its good terrain and good communication routes, has a large influx of public. 

Snow is a meteorological phenomenon that is difficult to predict, so those who are dedicated to winter sports always have the uncertainty of what the campaign will be like. 

The objectives of this project are to guarantee the beginning of the winter season without depending on snow conditions, launching classes, courses, and training in the simulator before the opening of the Alto Campoo slopes and de-seasonalize the activity of the company, working and billing throughout the year. 

The expectations of this project are to become a complement to the Alto Campoo Winter Station, offering its users the possibility of preparing physically and technically during the preseason, guaranteeing the beginning of the winter season without depending on the snow conditions and providing the perfect tool for learning and perfecting the technique to later put it into practice in the mountains. 

Having a ski resort is a great socioeconomic advantage for the entire region and, with this modern and innovative initiative, it will position Campoo Los Valles as a reference destination for skiing and snowboarding. 

The LEADER program through the local action group Campoo Los Valles has provided the financial support that was needed for the implementation of this project and helps to make visible the projects that are being developed in the region. 

This project is a priority because it meets two of the 6 objectives of the Local Development Strategy of the Campoo Los Valles region. These objectives are: 

  • Valuation of resources through tourism « Smart tourist destination » “Accessible tourist destination” 
  • Small and medium businesses. new technologies and productive innovation. 

That the Campoo Los Valles region became an accessible tourist destination has been one of the great challenges of this programming period. More than 90% of the new rural accommodations are adapted to people with reduced mobility and having adapted leisure activities is a great value. 

The winter season, together with the metallurgical industry, is one of the two engines of the regional economy from which, directly or indirectly, a large part of the population benefits. 

This project is perfectly replicable in any LEADER territory. It is not necessary to have a ski resort to develop it although, in this case, it serves as a complement to the winter season. 

Currently in all of Spain there are only three ski simulators, two of them recently installed and open to the public in the community of Madrid and the third was installed in 2015 in the Health Technology Park of Granada, and is intended for sports research and Only athletes from the Andalusian Winter Sports Federation have access to its use. 

In the rest of Europe the situation is quite different and there are several installations of this type that have already proliferated in countries such as France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom…etc. The high number of facilities that exist in Holland stands out, (country of the pioneering brands in the manufacture of these simulators), despite not having winter stations in its territory. 

The comfort of the indoor slope and the important educational advantages it offers make it the perfect tool for learning and perfecting technique and is the ideal complement for skiers of all levels and ages.