Götaströms golfklubb –a golfclub for anyone

According to the Leadermethod, co-operation and a local perspective are of great importance for a project. A project is also part of a bigger puzzle to achive attractivness in the rural area. This project is a good example of co-operation between a number of partners, both locally, but also bigger than that. Many people can use the facilities for different activities. Golf can be played independent of private economy or physically issues. Here you can eat, stay over night, go cross country skiing and use the facilities in the building for free.

A very good example of rural development through opening up facilities for the public.

Presentation of the project

In the area of Leader West Småland, existed no possibilites for paragolf at this time (2021). You could also not test the sport golf for free in the surroundings, which was one of the main reasons, why LAG approved the project. By offering an illuminated short hole course and free equipment the association opened up for anyone to try and at any time fo the day or of the year.

By asphalted paths and illuminated courses people with a disability can play golf and the club offer a sport and an activity to big amount of people, independent of private economy.

The project and the members of the association work constantly with including people and make them feel welcome.

The project was runned by Götaströms golfclub, but a with close cooperation, with the municipality of Vaggeryd and Smålands golf association.

The clubhouse is open for anyone who feel like using the surroundings and is also an Info point. There is space for caravans and visitors can stay over night with a camper van for example.

Both locals and tourists are free to use and take part of the possibilities offered in the surroundings; Short hole course (6 holes), area for cross country skiing, trekking, restaurant offering lunch and coffee, etc.

Leader West Småland co-financed the project and supported the owner of the project all way through. LAG has also visited the club and the area to follow up the result and to take part of what was done.

Emblematic character of the project

LAG considered the project both as innovative and interesting by offering both a sport and an area to a bigger amount of people, independent of economy of physical condition.

Co-operation with others, both local organizations as the municipality and regional actors, contributed to a well-planned project.

Exept for the sport itself the surroundings are beautiful and can be used for both trekking and cross-country skiing in the winter. The facilities in the club house are for free and can be used.

The area opened up for new meetings between locals, tourists and is all over an including acitivity. It also contributes to increase the attractiveness of the whole leader area of West Småland.

Golf facilities all over Europe can copy the idea more or less and open up their sport to a bigger amount of people.


Götaströms GK

Leader West Smaland

Sweden / Jönköping / Skillingaryds municipality