The development of local areas in the field of local tourism has undergone a major change in the last 20 years with the advent of new information and communication technologies. The CAUE de Lot-et-Garonne wishes to develop on an experimental basis the use of a digital tool, at the same time educational, fun and immersive, aimed at presenting to the greatest number (inhabitants, local visitors, tourists, schools…) the main heritage, landscape and historical curiosities of Villeneuve-sur-Lot and the Lot River.

Presentation of the project

The project consists in completing two digital routes:

 Route n° 1: The landscapes tell the story of the Lot en Villeneuvois The project consists of creating a route punctuated by stations in the 7 municipalities bordering the Lot. Inhabitants, school children and tourists passing through will be able to discover the many realities of the Lot: a river inhabited and merchant, a resource for local industry, a transport route, a biodiversity area, a setting of the architectural, historical and landscape heritage of the Grand Villeneuvois.

Course 2: Villeneuve sur Lot, bastide 3.0 This other course will offer a walk in the heart of the Villeneuve sur Lot bastide. With this route, Villeneuve sur Lot’s unique centrality will reveal all its secrets and show us what remains invisible today: historical reconstruction of the composition of the bastide, interior of buildings, private mansions, drone views on exceptional works inaccessible on foot…

The grant provided by LEADER is necessary for the project to…

A knock-on effect If granted, the LEADER grant would make it possible to initiate a process and encourage other territories to set up other routes on the same landscape (Lot valley…but also Garonne valley).

Using specialized providers and training European aid would facilitate the use of specialized technical providers which would not be accessible to the project owner with its own self-financing. Eventually, CAUE 47 will gradually develop greater technical autonomy to facilitate the production of new routes in the Lot valley.

The emblematic character of the project

· First departmental test of a national application The project allows for the first time to test on the department of Lot-et-Garonne what will be the first and only national application for the discovery of heritage and territories, published by the CAUE of Lot-et-Garonne with the support of a network of professionals of cultural mediation.

· Technical and playful innovations The project makes it possible to understand and interpret what surrounds us: through a wide range of innovative tools integrated into the application: time window, virtual visit, historical reconstruction with inlay of character, landscapes in volume, sound atmospheres… With the application, the courses use immersive and playful at the service of the story of places and people: appearance of vanished works, simulation of different seasons on a landscape panorama or from a viewpoint, reading landscape in motion thanks to video…

· New experiences in pedagogy Many disciplines can be called to facilitate this fun discovery: construction techniques, natural and environmental sciences, history, geography, economics, archeology…

· Raising awareness of environmental and biodiversity conservation issues Since environmental and biodiversity issues are deemed difficult to make a “finger touch”, the digital walk will draw attention to biodiversity resources (fauna and flora) that are sometimes difficult to see and to natural risks (in particular floods), with the user being made aware of the choices of location of habitat and activities in a given territory.

· Free access for the general public and full accessibility to PRMs Many existing data in archives or museums are made available. No pricing is applied to access the routes. Discovery on the mobile allows people with reduced mobility (PRMs) not to be excluded from the discovery of a built or natural place that is usually done physically.


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