at local action group Krajina srdce / The Polánka association

Monika Smetanová, While studying tourism, she helped to run the Bernard Bolzano Gallery of Modern Art in Těchobuz and also started working in the field of regional development in the rural region of Tabor, where she comes from. For the nineteenth year she has been managing the local action group Krajina srdce, which implements a local development strategy thanks to European subsidies. She has also tried the project process in all its phases, from planning and preparation to actual implementation and billing. In total, she has realised about 25 non-profit projects ranging from youth exchanges, the establishment of a regional brand, mapping the stories of heritage sites, to projects with an artistic accent. Occasionally she lectures on this topic at the Higher School at the Higher Vocational School in Tábor.

She has founded other organisations that are different from each other and reach into different fields. The Polánka association, which focuses on the maintenance of cross-country trails and the organisation of sporting events, the Mirabelka association, which is dedicated to fruit processing and the establishment and maintenance of orchards, and the Toulava destination company, which aims to develop tourism in the region with its heart in Tábor. For Tourism Authority of South Bohemia, she has prepared the Tourism Development Concept for 2021-2030.