Annie Linsemark is a professional in communications and rural development, with a special focus on youth engagement in rural areas. Her commitment to rural development, with a particular focus on youth, reached new heights when she assumed the role of project coordinator for ELARD in the project RURBEST22—a European initiative dedicated to empowering and connecting rural youth across countries. Her involvement in RURBEST22 led her to apply and be part of the project Gen Z Agency. In this project, along with 24 others from Nordic countries, she formulates recommendations for Nordic ministers, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and various authorities. These recommendations aim to provide insights for strengthening conditions and promoting opportunities for young people in Nordic rural areas. The report was launched in November 2023. Currently, she is working with the communication efforts at CLLD Halland, Sweden and she actively engages in multiple European projects coordinated by the ELARD Knowledge Hub.