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The Green Garden Apartments were created in 2009 – 2010 by removing unused

greenhouses in a dilapidated horticulture farm in Mladá Vozice. On the resulting area, an

accommodation facility was built that inspires guests to a balanced and considerate

lifestyle. For example, it uses solar water heating, eco-friendly cleaning products and

offers direct contact with the green garden where guests can taste fresh fruit. The

apartments have created an informal gathering space for the local community. The project

allowed the accommodation provider to expand its services to include mediation

experiences. By being able to take guests around tourist attractions in the region, the

operator has created unique experience packages for different target groups, including

guests with limited mobility.

Presentation of the project

Apartments Zelená zahrada are located in southern Bohemia, in the village of Mladá

Vozice, where almost 3000 inhabitants live.

In 1991, the Dlouhy family bought a garden that had been lying fallow for several years.

After several unsuccessful efforts to revive it, the couple decided to find a new use for the

garden, and so the Green Garden Apartments project was born. The main philosophy of the

project is to actively connect guests with the region where the couple live and which they


In order to successfully develop a business that would respond to current trends in tourism

and the demand of a more demanding clientele, the Dlouhys lacked a transporter. By

acquiring it, they are now able to expand their services by offering experience packages that

they design with knowledge of the local environment and customs in a way that a guest

would not be able to put together. For example, transporting guests to Mount Blaník, where

they return to their apartments on scooters after exploring Blaník. An integral part of the

services offered is also the transfer of guests from/to the airport, the delivery of meals and

the transfer of guests to more distant cities for cultural activities. This removes the worry of

providing guests with their own vehicle and helps the accommodation providers to fulfil

their philosophy of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The aim of the project was to extend services beyond the accommodation in the form of

experience packages and other services for the guests of the apartments.

In order to strengthen the local identity of the Dlouhý couple, their services are offered by

local entities: food producers, other service providers (masseuses, hairdressers, sommeliers)

and others. In addition to the above, they respond to the demand of the local population and

provide social spaces in the apartments for the local community to meet, for which they

organise, for example, yoga classes, handicraft training and lectures on healthy lifestyles.

Emblematic character of the project

The philosophy of the Aparmány Green Garden project fulfils the LEADER strategy by

creating a unique business concept with an emphasis on local identity and the environment

in a location with high but untapped tourism potential. The project has a positive impact on

the local community and uses local products and services.



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Czech Republic