The goal of the project was the development of a new meeting place for young people in the age group 14 – 28 year in the small village of Hurdagaryp, situated in the province of Fryslân. Discussions with young people made clear that there was an urgent need for a place where young people can realize their individual dreams and ambitions on their path to education, work and entrepreneurship. This place must be a safe haven where young people can do homework under supervision, where they can ask for help and advice, but also where they have the opportunity to grow and develop themselves. 

This has led to the transformation of the vacant train station building in Hurdegaryp into a valuable social facility, known as ‘t Stationnetje (the little train station). This station is run by the village youth and offers a place where they can make a stop on their journey towards self-development and further growth. 


The youth have designed a three-track plan: 

Track 1: Towards education. 

Track 2: On the way to work. 

Track 3: On the road to personal development 

Track 4: On the way to sport and personal health. 

A track takes 80 hours in six months. Each of these tracks has its own unique properties and possibilities. It is important that participating youth have the freedom to change tracks or make a transfer, because sometimes there is more than one path to success. It is not about making the right or wrong choice when choosing your path, but about the will to actively get started and move forward. At the end of a track participants receive an official certificate that they can add to their CV. 

The success of the project has acted as an incentive for surrounding villages to replicate this approach.