The objective of LEADER-NORDESTE Local Action Group hopes to the SINGULAR DESTINATION project is to create a unique tourist destination in the NORDESTE region. It is quality, sustainable, accessible and intelligent, which provides the visitor with a differentiating experience, based on the creation of a unique product that combines the diversity of the territory’s resources: history, culture, heritage, wine, thermalism, nature, certified quality, designations of origin, etc. 

There have been many actions carried out on the occasion of the Destination Singular project.  

We begin by customizing and designing an advertising campaign image and a website design Among other actions and within the advertising and promotion campaign, posters and advertising signage are installed. In addition, there is a call for an international contest of emerging ideas and heritage. Traveling exhibitions are held in the Northeast territory, in neighboring tourist destinations. Kits have been made to assist promotional fairs for different entities of differentiated quality or recreationalfestivals. A promotional video and audiovisual clip have also been made. 

Presentation of the project 

Destino Singular is the star project of the GAL during the 2014-2020 programming. It arises from the participatory process and at the proposal of different socio-economic sectors of the region. Our region known as NORTHEAST of the Region of Murcia integrates two territorial systems, the Altiplano composed of Jumilla and Yecla and the eastern municipalities of Abanilla and Fortuna. A territory with a strategic location that favors access to potential markets and a strategic potential in terms of the tourist and excursion offer to our territory. There is no sense of identity as a region, despite having multiple synergies that unite them and make us unique, for this reason DESTINO SINGULAR arises, as a link and creation of synergies or potentialities. 

Singular Destination has been a challenge in the region by uniting the potential resources of the municipalities of Abanilla, Fortuna, Jumilla and Yecla, and has also fostered new emerging potential through the creation of new works that attract tourism, through the International Contest of emerging ideas and heritage. The mural painting work on the staircase of the high place, “La Mirada de un pueblo” in Abanilla, the sculpture “Vestigios al Sol” on the Paseo de Los Baños, in Fortuna, the work in an old grain silo with the painting of the Monastrell grape variety titled “Raíces que miran al cielo” and the digital tool “Destínate” offers information and a tourist route through the municipality of Yecla. Own and priority project of the Northeast GAL of the Region of Murcia and to which LEADER funds have been allocated and co-financed by the CARM. A colorful image has been designed and created, where the large sectors that create a territorial identity are personalized. Based on this design, the municipalities and small population centers have been marked with various signs, including a route of a religious trail, “Lignum Crucis”.  

Promotional campaigns have been created with advertising mupis in the region’s capital. Stand to go to different fairs with the regional design. In addition to a traveling exhibition “Journey to a Singular Destination”, which with photographs of the region and an informative QR code invited tourists and passers-by from neighboring regions to come and visit us. We concentrated on a Fam Trip agents from the tourism sector who visited the breadth of tourist resources, ensuring that the region has ideal conditions to make different and varied tourist packages that attract new visitors and consolidate new market niches. All this accompanied with an important promotion on the website, the commitment to promotional videos and clips have turned the Northeast into a Singular Destination. 

The objectives achieved have been to create a territorial identity, with joint planning of territorial development and rebalancing of the territory. Actions have been implemented that create territorial and economic synergies between the different municipalities. 

The DESTINO SINGULAR project is a project of the Local Action Group and has been financed by FEADER funds in 63% and co-financed in 37% by the Department of Agriculture of the Region of Murcia. 

Destino Singular is the most ambitious and innovative GAL project that has been carried out by the Association. It has undoubtedly contributed to creating synergies in the territory and creating unity as a brand or tourist destination. The entire project has been built with the help of local entities, cultural, festive, heritage, gastronomic associations, based on their needs and tourist projections, supporting them in their promotion of events, as well as showing their actions and particular characteristics to the bordering regions. The great advertising campaign through the regional newspaper “La Verdad”, the exhibition of “Journey to a Singular Destination”, the signage and identity as a Singular Destination, etc. and other actions developed with this project are leading to an increase in new visits to the different municipalities, as verified by their tourism offices. 

There are many resources and potential that the region has, as well as the concentration of agri-food products with differentiated quality is very relevant, building a strategic axis in agri-food and tourism terms, thus the Protected Designations of Origin of Wines from Jumilla and Yecla, Pera from Jumilla, Cheese from Murcia and Cheese with Murcia wine.  

This promotion of wine tourism is combined with the Wine Routes of both Jumilla and Yecla. All of this, together with the great heritage wealth, festive tourism, focused on Holy Week, Moors and Christians festivals of Abanilla, thermal tourism of Fortuna, the rich gastronomy turn the NORTH EAST into a Singular tourist destination, creating networks and new opportunities. 

The project has a unique identity, because it has been built according to the resources that our territory has. The idea could be transported to other GALs by building it to measure, from their potential and resources at their disposal. 


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