Located in Santo Amaro, the smallest parish on Pico Island, with the help of LEADER project and ADELIAÇOR LAG, an old grocery store was converted into a contemporary and welcoming grocery store with cafeteria service, where in addition to selling various local food products (and others), there is an offer of light meals and home deliveries.

Presentation of the project

The project located in the parish of Santo Amaro, Pico island, Azores, Portugal consisted of carrying out total remodelling works on the existing building to adapt the space, acquiring equipment and utensils for the creation of the grocery store and cafeteria space and the acquisition of a vehicle for home delivery service.

In addition to the sale of conventional products, the promoter invested in the sale of organic and gourmet products and the cafeteria section presents a diversified offer of prepared products for immediate consumption, valuing the use of seasonal and healthy local/regional food products, namely vegetables and fruits.

With the support of LEADER, it was possible to support this project, which is of great importance and relevance at a local level, considering the lack of a point of sale for basic products in the parish of Santo Amaro and throughout the island of Pico of a point of sale of diverse products, namely organic and gourmet, and provision of light meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch).

The space is also adapted to carry out awareness-raising actions that allow reflection and information to consumers about the importance and usefulness of consuming organic products for health and well-being. In terms of promoting and marketing the business, also combining a playful and educational aspect, the promoter organizes events in partnership with local entities related to the themes of agriculture and circular economy, food and gastronomy, health and nutrition, environment and sustainability.

Emblematic character of the project

The project supported under the intervention 6.4.1 – Investment in the Creation and Development of Non-Agricultural Activities, in the LEADER measure of the Azores Rural Development Programme is a business initiative that promotes traditional and innovative know-how.

It is an investment that contributes to the implementation of LAG ADELIAÇOR’s strategy in the area as its creation allowed to offer new services/new practices, through home sales and new products, with the sale of regional gourmet products, contributing to the promotion of competitiveness and diversification of supply.

The project is also justified by its articulation with the primary sector as it uses and sells organic horticultural products.

The project is also associated with local distinctive/traditional factors, both because it allowed the restoration of the building of an old grocery store and because it offers a service selling regional gourmet products.

Also noteworthy is the preservation and dissemination of local culture through the meal service, making use of seasonal local and regional products.

The recovery of built heritage and its refunctionalization associated with the promotion and valorisation of local products, generating wealth in rural areas takes on a demonstrative and transferable role with an innovative character covered by the LEADER/CLLD philosophy.


Claudia Ávila de Matos  


Associação para o Desenvolvimento Local de Ilhas dos Açores  

Santo Amaro, Pico Island, Azores, Portugal 


Joao · 24 November 2023 at 15h23

I thnk that it is a fantastic place

Sergey · 24 November 2023 at 15h27

This is the first prize, definitely!

Dina Rocha · 24 November 2023 at 16h44

A pleasant place to be, with good company, it is worth entering and getting to know the local products, and reliving a little of the past, between traditional trade and customer, congratulations on this project

Estela Silva · 24 November 2023 at 16h47

Um espaço atual, inspirado no antigo!

Paulo · 24 November 2023 at 17h32

You get my vote. That is an extraordinary project!

Cathy Da Silva · 26 November 2023 at 6h35

Such a darling cafe! Loved visiting this boutique~market! You can find anything you might be looking for.

Fernando Nunes · 26 November 2023 at 17h59

Congratulations! Excellent recovery work. Good luck!

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