The project Alijó Walking has the general aim of creating a network of walking routes throughout the municipality. With the definition of 17 short routes, covering all parishes in the municipality of Alijó, the project aims to offer visitors and locals the possibility of enjoying scenic, geological and heritage resources, as well as direct contact with the local communities.

Presentation of the project

This project encourages the valorization of the natural, scenic, and cultural resources existing in Alijó through the creation of a set of short walking trails, where visitors can observe and learn about the local species of fauna, flora and geology present in the territory, as well as about points of interest in the municipality’s architectural and cultural heritage.

After the project, maintenance/preservation activities for the pedestrian trail network are also included as well as activities to publicize/encourage visitation to the territory, through the use of the implemented trail network.

The project, supported through LAG Douro Histórico, within the framework of sub-measure “Village Renewal” LEADER Measure of the Mainland Portugal Rural Development Program has the following concrete objectives:

a) Value and promote local heritage elements (such as chapels, viewpoints, forts, sanctuaries), landscape (with emphasis on the geology, flora and fauna present in the territory) and environmental (with emphasis on the cultivation of vineyards, border olive groves and spontaneous Mediterranean forests);

b) Value endogenous traditional knowledges, uses and customs, within the territorial coverage area of the routes;

c) Boost and value local products (wine, olive oil and gastronomy);

d) Establish interaction networks between the local community and tourists;

e) Improve the well-being of residents in the territory;

f) Fight isolation and social exclusion;

g) Create employment and income opportunities for the resident population and economic operators identified in this territory;

h) Provide opportunities for citizen participation, under conditions of gender equality;

 i) Increase the tourist attractiveness of the territory;

 j) Increase the offer of  tourist resources.

Emblematic character of the project

All the trails set in this Route Network will allow visitors to discover the entire territory of the municipality, increasing, through this tourist offer, its notoriety and promotion.

The project is particularly relevant within the framework of the local development strategy of the LAG defined for the territory by the local partners, given that one of its key pillars is the development of the tourism sector.

The network of routes also constitutes an important opportunity to create dynamics between the populations of the different parishes and villages crossed by the route.

The project will contribute to a significant increase in the dynamics associated with the local economy and tourist attraction, as well as the improvement of sporting activities associated with Nature.

This project is easily replicable by all other municipalities in the LAG Intervention territory, as well as by other territories, which see the promotion of tourism or the practice of sport as an opportunity for local development.



Municipality of Alijó

Douro Histórico

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